Join us and raise Hay!

☀️😎☀️😎☀️😎☀️😎☀️😎 We are so close to reaching our next milestone of $2,000 this week! Every size donation counts and gives you a chance to receive one of our giveaways all summer long. We had 2 giveaways already and another giveaway ready for July 2nd! Join us and lets raise some Hay! ☀️ Send us a check to 87 Greenfield Point Dr, Reedville, VA 22539

☀️ Donate online We are a nonprofit 501c3 dedicated to providing a forever home to horses! 

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Telephone:  (757) 880-7581  ~ Address: 1376 Greenfield Road Reedville, VA 22539 ~​

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