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Meet Sammy

Sammy is our 2017 Christmas Miracle!   He is only 10!  Sammy is a very loving and gentle boy.   He was very neglected and would have been put down if we didn't rescue him.  He needs a lot of TLC and medical attention.  Consider sponsoring Sammy with a monthly or one time donation.

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 He sure is Lucky to have a "forever sponsor and  home".  We rescued this 20+ year old Chincoteague Pony  on February 24th.   Because of a life changing event, Lucky became homeless.  We were contacted by the Powhatan Equine Rescue League because of another horse needing rescued.  We couldn't leave Lucky behind and immediately posted for help on our Facebook page.  Within an hour we had a forever sponsor for Lucky.  We are truly grafeful to his sponsor.   This is the before and after picture of Lucky.   A little grooming goes along way.

This is what we know about Lucky:  The owner entered a roundup drawing for $5 over 20 years ago  when Lucky was a baby and won him.  He paid $250 to have Lucky transported to his property.    He gave him to the tenant several years ago.  He had been on the same property all his life.


Meet Lucky


Meet  Brownie

Jesse (aka Brownie)is a 6 year old Buckskin that we took in on November 9, 2012 along with his brother Cody, and sister Star. Their owner died of a massive heart attack at the young age of 52. My partner "Pat Fox" and I were asked if there was anyway we could take all 3 horses so they would be able to stay together since that's all they have ever known. We are proud to be their "Forever Home"!  

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Meet  Cody

Cody is an 18 year old Palomino that we took on with his brother Jesse, and sister Star .

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Meet  Star

Star is a 12 year old Paint pony.  Shy but once you get to know her she is very warm and friendly!

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Meet  Monte


 Monte is at least a 16 year old Thoroughbred retired racehorse and was rescued on February 24th with his best buddy "Lucky".   Because of a life changing event, Monte became homeless.  We were contacted buy the Powhatan Equine Rescue League to see if we could provide a home for him.  Monte did have a fulltime sponsor and we are very grateful to Cindy Brooks!  

Monte making friends on his first day with "Big Kuhuna"

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Clifford and Ollie have been together for many years and need to find a new home due to an unforeseen circumstance.

Meet  Skye (Tennesse Walker)

Skye arrived in her forever home on March 8, 2019.  She was abandoned on a vacant lot with no food or water.  We know that she is a Tennessee Walker and in her upper 20's or 30's.  She does have a tattoo.   As the picture on the upper left shows, she was very under weight and need alot of TLC.  She is now thriving happily in her forever home. 

Sunset over Poppy Field

Rainbow Bridge

RIP - Mr. Lance!

Lance passed on 11/14/17 at the age of 38! Wow! He lived a full life and the last 5 of his years at our forever home.   Lance was a lesson horse for many years and taught many children the love of riding.  He was a pure gentleman, very kind and loving always.   He will truly be missed on the farm but forever in our hearts

RIP Mr. Lance
RIP our Sweet "Lila"

  Sweet Lila passed on March 23, 2018.  She was 38 years old.   Delila, was a very kind lesson Horse, and great with kids. After she became older, she was made to go out with the herd, and she was not aggressive enough to fight for her food, or fend for herself. When Pat picked her up she was very thin, and in poor health. Since then she is healthy , and even won several 1st place ribbons.  She won our hearts at GERF and will be forever missed.

RIP our dear friend "Oreo"

We said good-bye to one of our best friends on December 14, 2017, Mr. Oreo.  He will always have a spot in our hearts and remembered as a true fighter.  We rescued him with a body score of 1 and for the 2 years he was in his forever home, Oreo had an amazining recovery.  He loved his forever home and we were so glad that we were able to provide him the loving care he deserved.  He had many followers and will surely be missed.

RIP Little Joe! Little Joe is a 20 year old Sabino, that is one of our originals. She was being abused  and  would not load on a trailer. After countless hours & days of working with her, Patricia finally got her on the trailer and GFERF is her forever home as she crossed that rainbow bridge.


Mr. Prince - you will always be forever in our heart. You were proud, strong and endured so much in your long life. From the moment we rescued you in 2015, we loved you and wanted to bring you back to good health. We didn’t think you would make it with a body score of one and extreme rain rot. You were always so gentle and kind, loving the people you knew and being a good companion to your close buddies at GERF. You deserve the utmost respect.
 Even though we are sad to see you move on to greener pastures, we know you no longer are feeling the ailments that a 40++ horse feels. Run free with your buddies Oreo and Lila Bug. You are forever wit
h us.

Meet Prince

Prince and Oreo were rescued from the same place in November 2015.    They both were in critical condition. They have been together for twenty years.  Prince had a several case of rain rot.