Here you will find our Wish List and Future Goals  

Short Term Goals
  • We need to pay off our two new Run-In Sheds ACHIEVED!
  • Purchase one more Run-In Shed for our senior horses (30+ years) before winter.  ACHIEVED!  Thanks to the generous gift we received, we  have a brand new, beautiful run-in shed! ​​​
  • Purchase additional post and fencing so we can fence in another pasture area ACHIEVED!
Long Term Goals
  •  We want to be able to pay off our current mortgage, and construct more stable areas, so we can offer the best care that these Horses deserve.
  • We have plans to build a Lean-To onto our against barn. This will provide great outdoor protection.
  • Commercial grade (barn) Fans - ACHIEVED!  Thanks to Kevin and Sharon Carr.  Next step is to install them.
Food Wish List
  • Senior Feed - for older and emaciated horses 50lb bag - about $22
  • Alfalfa or Timothy Cubes (any brand) - used for horses that can't chew hay - 50lb bag about $20
  • Rolled or Crimped Oats (any brand) -
       supports equine nutrition - 50 lb about $20
  • Coupons for free horse feed
  • Fly Protection(summertime)
  • We love the Shoefly leg wraps
  • Buckets
Supplies Wish List​
  • Amazon Greenfield Equine Retirement Farm Supplies Wish List