About our Farm

 How we got started!! (From the viewpoint of Patricia Fox. The birth of GERF came in early March 2011. I had come to Reedville to do some improvements on our home and decided to bring down 3 of my horses to stay at the farm on Greenfield.  On the third day, I arrived at farm to find Comanche, a sweet Appaloosa, who been given to me by someone who no longer could care for him, standing by corral gate not moving. The ground had been torn apart as if an excavator had been there. Apparently, sometime between 9 pm the previous night and 9 am the next morning, he had somehow injured his hip by falling and worked all night to get up on his feet. It was a serious situation and the Vet was called. He could barely move and prognosis wasn't good.  My neighbor, who has loved  horses all of her life and spent her youth riding, came to help and therein forged a bond with Comanche.  As we spent the next week or so nursing him, my concern was how I could get him back home to Winchester, as he could barely walk, much less get on a trailer for a 4 hour trip. I voiced my concern with Angela.  As soon as I mentioned to possibly putting him down, she immediately said she would take care of him for as long as he lived.  And she did! In that matter of time she setup a course of taking care of horses that had outlived their usefulness but still wanted to be a horse or ones that lost their owners by sudden death and had no family to take them on. 


Over the past four years we have taken in these types of horses and paid for their needs with some contributions, but mostly from our funds. We were granted a 501C3 non-profit status August 2014 and are actively seeking grants and sponserships to remove the financial burden. All monetary contributions are wonderfully accepted and wisely used.

We are proud to be a member!