You will be missed Mr. Prince ❤️

Mr. Prince - you will always be forever in our heart. You were proud, strong and endured so much in your long life. From the moment we rescued you in 2015, we loved you and wanted to bring you back to good health. We didn’t think you would make it with a body score of one and extreme rain rot. You were always so gentle and kind, loving the people you knew and being a good companion to your close buddies at GERF. You deserve the utmost respect.

We want people to know and remember that Mr Prince was loved by many. He had a family and it was all his buddies at GERF and all his faithful followers which are so many. Our heart couldn’t be any fuller for him and we believe we did everything to provide him a safe and loving forever home in his remainin

g years. Even though we are sad to see you move on to greener pastures, we know you no longer are feeling the ailments that a 40++ horse feels. Run free with your buddies Oreo and Lila Bug. You are forever with us.


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