Say YES to Clifford and Ollie! 😊🐴

We have a new opportunity to make a difference. We receive info weekly about rescues & owner surrenders needing a home and it saddens us that we just can't take them all in, although we do our best to find homes for them through our network. However, lately just like our sweet Sammie another heart breaking story crossed our path and we knew GERF would be a perfect fit. Clifford and Ollie have been together for 14 years in a very loving environment. Recently a life changing event occurred leaving the horses in a vulnerable situation. Clifford is only 19 and Ollie is 30. We hope you will consider joining us on this special journey in providing a forever home to these babies. We promise to do our part in providing the loving care they deserve and to share pictures and updates so you can get to know them. What we need is financial support to feed and care for them. Would you consider a recurring donation each month to help us care for these babies that so deserve a good home? To learn more about sponsorship, please call or message us. We would be happy to work with you. Help us make GERF a forever home to Clifford and Ollie! ❤️🐴 We are a 501c3 non profit organization dedicated to caring for horses. DONATE❤️SHARE❤️SPONSOR 

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