Why you should consider recurring donations!

Have you considered a recurring donation through your bank? 😀 It could be for any amount and as little as $10 a month will help us feed our babies🐴 with hay and grain. Other costs are vet, farrier visits and medical attention. These are just the essentials. We also have our expansion project too! You can even let us know where you want your donation used! Benefits for recurring donations from your bank using "Bill Pay": 😊set date, no need to remember 😊no processing fee! Such as with PayPal 😊a record of donation for tax purpose 😊check is mailed directly to us at no cost 😊easy to edit at anytime 😊receive a free GERF gift We are a 501c3 non profit organization and are different from many others, we provide a forever home! ❤️🐴 

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