New "surprise" Run-in Shed

I must tell this special story. Angela was at the farm( (as usual) and it was a cold winter day. She sees the truck with a run-in shed attached pulling into the farm parking lot and thought this must be a mistake. The driver asked her if this was Greenfield Equine Retirement Farm and that he had a delivery for her. She still couldn't believe her eyes. She tried to find out more information from the driver but all he told her was that the run-in shed was for Lance and crew. She was beyond tears and speechless. To this day, we still don't know you provided this beautiful prefect gift. This run-in shed was so needed and saved Angela many sleepless nights worrying and checking on the babies that want to stay outside with proper shelter. As you can see, our boy Just'us who is with Lance and Lila all the time is enjoying this beautiful gift. I hope the wonderful person you donated this to our farm reads this blog because this was a gift of a lifetime.