Northern Neck of Va!!

"In Tidewater Virginia, a land known for its many places of serene and enchanting beauty is the Northern Neck". The Northern Neck encompassing 8,200 square miles is special and unique place in the Commonwealth. The region is a tapestry of farms, vast tracts of forest, and tidal saltwater fishing spots. Among other things it is the birthplace of presidents like George Washington, James Monroe, and James Madison and famous people such as Thomas Lee & Robert E Lee. Cap't John Smith called the area " a place heaven and earth never agree more to man's habitation". The Potomac River and Rappahannock rivers and the Chesapeake Bay form the boundaries for the Northern Neck. Historically, the surrounding areas have seen uprecedented growth and urbanization, while our area remains among the least developed localities in the Tidewater region of Va.

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