So many options to make a difference❤️

Would you like to help GERF's mission of providing a forever home to horses? We have many different support options: ❤️*New* color t-shirts available (hats, visor and sweatshirts too) ❤️ Donation buttons on FB and Website ❤️Direct sponsorship to one of our rescues for a month. ❤️Smiles.Amazon-select us as the non profit organization when making purchases ❤️Our Amazon Wishlist ❤️Mail us a donation directly @ 87 Greenfield Point Dr., Reedville, Va 22539 ❤Donation box at local stores ❤Proof of purchase seals from feed bags ❤️Mail a donation directly to our vet on GERF behalf. Dover Equine PO Box 246 Aylett VA 23009 All these options are listed at You can also message us for more information. Any size donation would be greatly appreciated. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing a "Forever Home" to horses. We can provide you a receipt for your tax deduction. 🐴❤️😊 Please Share! 

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