Run Free Sweet Lila💗

Our sweet beautiful Lila Bug is now free of all the old age ailments at age 38 and running in greener pastures with her beautiful friends Just'us, Lance, Big Kuhuna and Oreo. 💗 Our sweet girl touched all of us in different ways and has left a permanent mark in our hearts. 💗 This beautiful rescue was gentle and kind to all. What we know about Lila is she was a very kind lesson horse, and great with kids. After she became older, she was made to go out with the herd, and she was not aggressive enough to fight for her food, or fend for herself. When Pat rescued her she was very thin, and in poor health. With the proper care and lots of TLC at GERF she became healthy , and even won several 1st place ribbons! She was definitely family and if she knew you she was always excited to see you and would let you know it with her cute sound and flaring nostrils. She loved Angela Self more than anyone. And boy was she spoiled rotten but was so deserving to be! She was our beautiful princess at GERF. She loved her beautiful home and when she and Lance received the run-in shed gift several years later from an anonymous donor she was just beside herself in happiness. All the boys 🐴 loved her but she was very picky with her selection of companions and would let them know it! Cute as a button and with soft, kind loving and innocent eyes, she won all of our hearts. We believe she enjoyed her forever home and we also enjoyed every moment with her. I know her spirit will be with us here at GERF telling us to keep doing what we are doing because there are many more beautiful babies that need to be rescued.💗 Thank you Lila for being such a beautiful horse inside and out and spending your best days with us at GERF. We love you Lila and will miss you. Please share this beautiful story and we would love to hear from all that followed her. We hope you enjoy all these priceless pictures of our sweet Lila.   There are many more on Facebook.🐴 

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