Rescuing a retired racehorse and a Chincoteague Pony today

Today we rescued two horses in desperate need of a home. This is what we love to do and were only able to do this with the support we receive. We received a call from PERL (Powhatan Equine Retirement League) regarding a horse that had a sponsor but needed a forever home. We agreed to take "Monte" and in talking with PERL we were informed about a chincoteague pony named "Lucky" that would become homeless. We immediately posted this information on our Facebook page and within one hour received a response that we had a full-time sponsor. We were able to bring Monte and Lucky to their forever home. We are so grateful to our supporters and definitely to Monte's and Lucky's fulltime sponsor. To learn more about these two, please visit our "rescue" page. We also want to say a special thanks to Emily Headley for helping us transport these babies

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